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5 Fall Roofing Questions



Q) Is a metal roof really better than asphalt shingle?

In terms of longevity, definitely. Metal roofs have an average lifespan of 40 – 60 years. Asphalt weighs in at just 12 – 20 years. That makes the average higher cost of installing a metal roof a bargain by comparison. A metal roof simply will not decompose the way asphalt does, and continues to look good many, many years after application.


Q) Should my roof be tight and sound for winter, or does it need to “breathe”?

Your roof does indeed need to breathe. Built up heat during warmer months needs adequate roof ventilation to escape, just as moisture buildup needs an outlet to be wicked away from beneath your roof. This is important, as it helps to prevent rotting wood and the creation of impaired shingles upon your roof.


Q) Is missing felt beneath some of my roof’s shingles a big deal?

It is not good. The missing felt beneath your roofing shingles, also called underlayment, is put in place to create a vapor barrier between your roof deck and shingles. It also works to protect and extend the life of your roof by preventing the wood deck from absorbing oils leaching from asphalt shingles.


Q) How often do my gutters really need to be cleaned?

Minimally, clean your gutters twice a year. At best, particularly if your property or neighborhood contains many leaf, blossom, seed and nut shedding trees, clean them at the change of each season. This is one of the easiest and best ways to protect the integrity of your home’s roof, foundation, and exterior siding. Installing gutter covers can cut your gutters’ need for cleaning in half.


Q) What should I look for when inspecting my roof?

The top areas of damage leading to roof trouble are missing or damaged shingles and damaged or improperly sealed flashing. making sure that your roof is clean and free of debris is also important. Beyond that, there are a number of roof inspection issues trained roofing professionals are able to spot that are very unlikely for diy-ers to be able to discover.


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