Fall is Gutter Maintenance Season

It’s just about that time again; fall home maintenance season. What’s one of the most important items that should be topping your fall to-dos? Your home’s gutters. That’s right. If you’ve had leaking, foundation or flooding problems before, you’re probably well aware. And if you don’t want to have any of those problems in your near future, gutter maintenance needs to be a priority for you too. After all, fall is the official power washing & gutter maintenance season.

What is the condition of your gutters?

Do they need a basic cleaning, or are they beginning to fail? Maybe you’re not sure whether it is better to repair them or simply replace them with new gutters. We’ve created a list of gutter FAQS to aid you in making that decision, as well as get the longest life possible from your gutters.

How often should gutters be cleaned?

It is recommended that gutters be cleaned twice a year, in the spring and the fall. As your home’s #1 protection against flooding and foundation damage, you will want to make sure they are clean and clear, particularly if your home is surrounded by trees.

What are some of the signs that I need to repair or replace my gutters?

Rust is the top indicator of gutter trouble with galvanized steel gutters. Sagging is another key indicator. Joints pulling apart or overflowing during rain, in addition to leaks in corners or coming out from behind the gutter, are clear signs of gutter trouble as well.

What do you recommend: gutter guards, screens or covers?

The gutter that’s best for you really depends upon your situation. That being said, steel powder-coated mesh guards are highly recommended. Gutter hoods are typically the second recommendation because although they are somewhat expensive, they will make your gutters maintenance free. Screens are not generally recommended very highly as the oak galls from oak trees in the spring can tend to clog them pretty quickly, seriously limiting their effectiveness.

What kind of lifetime can I expect & what can do to extend it?

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! If you are committed to being good to your gutters, they will be good to you. Aluminum gutters can last almost forever. Clean them, re-secure the fasteners, reseal the corners and end caps, install leaf guards, and have the gutters adjusted from time to time. These are the best ways to extend the lifetime of your gutters.

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