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Protect Your Investment

Every commercial property owner or manager knows that your commercial roof is a major investment. As such, it’s important to work proactively to protect your investment. Here at Arrow Roofing & Solar, we’re here to help you meet that goal by addressing all of your pressing roofing issues. That’s why today, we bring you this quick look at 7 common problems of commercial roofs. Remember, help is just a phone call away!

7 Common Problems

of Commercial Roofs

1) Moisture Infiltration & Leaks

Water happens. And eventually, it happens to infiltrate most every commercial roofing system, leading to roof leaks, material breakdown and mold contamination.

2) Ponding Water

A common problem for commercial roofs, ponding water is often a sign of bigger problems. Built up roof debris, improper HVAC or gutter drainage, and poor design are all common causes of ponding water.

3) UV Damage

The ultraviolet rays of the sun can create a damaging thermal shock effect for the materials of your commercial roof. Thermal shock causes a premature breakdown of those materials, including surface crazing, shrinkage, cracking, deteriorating flashing and seals, and exposed seams.

4) Weather Erosion

Surface erosion or breakdown is often caused by extreme fluctuations in outdoor temperatures and conditions. Blistering, splitting and ridging are among the common consequences your commercial roof may experience due to erosion from the harsh effects of the weather.

5) Basic Wear & Tear

There are many factors that affect wear and tear. Climate, environmental pollutants, and rooftop traffic are among them. Nonetheless, over a period of time, all commercial roofs will experience a level of basic wear and tear.

6) Storm Damage

A major weather event can spell disaster to your commercial roof. Partial roof blow offs, punctures and tearing, and wind uplift are all among the most common types of storm damage, rendering your roof vulnerable to leaks, moisture infiltration, and further material breakdown.

7) Faulty Installation

This is quite possibly the most tragic. Faulty roof installation by an underskilled or unscrupulous roofing company leads to a large percentage of the problems experienced by commercial building owners. The most frequent issues include premature material failure, early roof leaks, accelerated aging, imminent roof failure, and warranty invalidation.

What’s the Answer?

The solution to all of these problems is simple. When it comes to your Nashville commercial roof, always be sure you are working with an experienced, trustworthy, professional roofing company. Our team at Arrow Roofing & Solar is highly trained and experienced, with a top-notch reputation for quality commercial roof installations and repairs. We can help you design a commercial roof maintenance program that will help you protect the integrity of your commercial roof. Early detection of any issues, swift reparation, and preventive maintenance are all key to keeping your commercial roof asset healthy and strong.                                           

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